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School number One

Client: Novaya Gazeta

Category: Documentary

15 years have passed since the worst terrorist attack in the history of Russia. The hostages who survived received their compensation, the Beslan cemetery greets those arriving at the airport with even rows of identical gravestones. Every third September, the central TV channels recall the tragedy with a scanty line among the second-order news. That’s all that remains of Beslan. Why is that? Our film is not only about what actually happened in Beslan in September 2004. But also about how and why the country agreed to quickly forget what happened. About how we all accepted the rules of the game proposed by the state after the terrorist attack. And how the entire current political system of Russia grew out of the Beslan tragedy.

Stage Director: Wadih El Hayek
Executive producer: Dmitry Muratov
Scriptwriter: Olga Bobrova

Customer: Novaya Gazeta